Why Hair Transplant in Turkey?

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Why Hair Transplant in Turkey?

Why  Turkey ?  and why Istanbul  specifically?  

Simply  because it  is the best place  with best facilities  and doctors.
Istanbul ! it  is all about this  fabulous city where you  can find all what you want  and more.

Turkey is a pleasant appealing country , situated in an extremely touchy region interfacing east and west, a fascination point for all travelers from everywhere throughout the world, you can make the most of its tendency and culture in as much as you can carry on an alternate involvement with its nightlife and Turkish cuisine, and of late it turned into the destiny  for everybody who is searching for cosmetic medical procedures and hair restoration services.

A hundred  thousands of patients   heading every year to Turkey  to get the best hair transplant  operation, everywhere in Istanbul you would  see people with bandages and red dots filling their  heads, male and female with no age limit.

According to the International Society of Hair transplant Surgery in 2010, there were 923,599 hair-transplant operation performed all  over the world which prompts a 1.94 billion-dollar market. It is certain that Turkey is one of the strongest players in the business. Well at that point, we will say it  is so normal for the following facts:

1 – It’s about the cash!

The costs are much more sensible than the remainder of the world. In Europe and the United States, the range is between $7,000-$25,000 for Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) strategy. In Turkey, be that as it may, the entire methodology, including transportation and convenience costs, costs somewhere in the range of $2,200 and $4,000 relying upon different factors, for example, the quantity of unions required, the technique picked, the facility and the specialist.

2 – Very advanced techniques

In Turkey, doctors recommend to use FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) procedure and  DHI – Choi Pen (Direct Hair Implantation), no visible scars and faster healing process, no obvious scars and quicker mending procedure and furthermore no surgical tools, staples or sutures are used in the course activity. While FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) strategy requires the removal of the skin, in Micro  Motor system, follicular units are independently extracted from the patient’s donor area and transplanted one by one to the bald area.

3 – High quality in each viewpoint

In light of the wild challenge in the part in Turkey, clinics  continuously improve their methods, conditions and facilities to offer their patients the best administration.

4 – All inclusive packages

To  raise  the level  of comfort and rest for the patient  and to make the competition standard higher  best clinics and hospital provides their patients  all relaxation services starting with providing airport pick  ups and drops plus all transportation between hotel and hospital  with VIP and special cars, ending with five stars hotel accommodations  with best views and attraction factors in the heart of lovely Istanbul.

5 – We have the best doctors

In Turkey, hair transplant has dependably been inclining from the beginning. So there are extraordinary quantities of doctors  and surgeons with many years of experience in their fields and approaches the most advanced technologies and treatment procedures that  will provide each patient the best results he looks for and make him satisfied.

6 – Availability all day, every day

In contrast to European countries or the United States, you don’t need to sit tight for quite a long time because there are plenty of high-quality and JCI-accredited clinics in order to meet the demand.We  offer large facilities that have a very high capacity with numbers of most experienced doctors in the world for hair transpiration.

7 – Geopolitical position

It goes about as a bridge between Asia and Europe pulling in patients from these locales, likewise North Africa and the Middle East. As it is observed, there is an extreme interest in Turkey, thus; a high supply,  not to forget the cheap flights that is provided to Istanbul.


8 – Its stand-out vacation destinations and hospitality

Around, 38.5 million tourists visit Turkey; around 370,000 of them seek cosmetic surgeries and  hair transplantation. Turkey offers them an incredible chance to spend their recovery procedure in a stunning holiday destinations or city attractions . They will likewise feel no discomfort thanks to welcoming and hospitable people of Turkey.


It  became one of  the most important Turkey’s new industries  faces in the beauty domain where  you can find the best clinics, best  hospitals for hair transplant and all  type of plastic surgery, a wide variety of  doctors, services and technologies, especially for hair transplantation (FUE, DHI Choi Pen and  all other techniques).

So please  make sure to  go through this journey  and to book your place now  to get your medical vacation on one of the best places on earth.


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