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With FUE Hair Transplantation, you can have good density in yourhair without loosing grafts or leaving scars.

Hair transplantation is now possible without haircut! Find out immediately if you are suitable for hair transplantation without haircut!

It is possible to obtain natural and dense hair with the latest technology DHI-CHOI, which allows high density hair transplantation,

Sapphire FUE method reduce tissue damage due to special sapphire stone and give much more comfortable healing process!

What Is Hair Transplantation?

The permanent solution today to prevent hair loss is transplantation.With the development of hair transplantation techniques, it is possible to obtain the natural and ideal appearance of hair in the easiest ways.

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Is there a scar after hair transplantation?

In the early years and the beginning of hair transplantation, the procesure was difficult and complicated compared to the present time. Today, with the development of techniques in hair transplantation and the use of modern tools, it has become possible to avoid the occurrence of scars and relics

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What Is Regional Hair Transplantation?

For people with hair loss in partial areas of the head they can have hair transplantation. Due to echnological development, hair can be grown in small places. Choi – DHI is one of the latest hair transplant techniques that provides high density and excellent in tight spaces.

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How Is Eyebrow Transplantation Done?

Eyebrow transplantation is done just like hair transplantation using FUE technique.. First of all, hair grafts are taken from the donor area (usually the backhead area) same as in hair transplantation and are kept in the special solution in order to avoid any hair loss.

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How Is Mustache Transplantation Done?

The ideal solution for those who want to get the perfect look for the beard and mustache is transplantation. Due to weak hair structure, genetic factors and the lack of hair in the beard and mustache or because of wounds or burns you can go to hair transplantation.

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Hair Transplantation For Women

For women, hair transplantation involves the same stages as classical hair transplantation. Women do not need to shave for hair transplant except in exceptional cases because the donor area is below the long hair which is invisible.

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What is the cost of hair transplantation?

According to laws we can not share the hair transplant prices on our website. You can find out immediatly fromour medical advisors.

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Are you facing any difficults to make your decision about a hair transplantion? Our patients who previously did the operation will tell you about their hair transplant experience! Did they feel any pain? What happened during and after the operation, you can find all that on our YouTube channel!

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One of the terms frequently encountered in hair transplant is graft. There is always a confusion between graft and hair, while the two terms refer to different concepts. Graft is the name given to the hair follicles and skin parts that contain the hair root. In addition, the hair can indicate a single hair root. In addition, the graft can indicate the root of one hair or several hairs

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From the past to the present, we have ensured that thousands of local and foreign patients have received the hair they dreamed of. We know that the importance of hair transplantation lies in providing the appropriate technology to the patient.

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Everyone loses hair. It is ordinary to lose around 50-100 hairs every day.If you see bald