What is the cost and prices of hair transplant

Hair  transplantation

What is the cost and prices of hair transplant

Hair  transplantation  became one of the  most popular surgeries  in the world, all over the world  this procedure started to have a great  reputation of everywhere in our expanded medical  world.

What  is the  cost and  prices of hair  transplant :

First  question to  be asked what is  the fees of hair transplant operation ?

To  answer  this important  question we could  say that is not fixed,  it is not a commercial thing, this is a complete operation,  a medical procedure that includes different phases.
Lately  Turkey became  the number one and the central  main point for all men and women  from all over the world, all heading with  one target to achieve, get their hair back  thick and healthy, stop their hair loss and never  think about all the problems caused by it.

With  over hundreds  of places in Istanbul  to do a hair transplant operation  you can find different prices, so are cheap  and so are very expensive, there is no specific limit  or a fixed rate for this type of operation and fees  of it is mostly variable based on where you decide to  get your hair transplant done.

Small, new and  none experienced  might charge low and cheap  prices, old big hospital will  be more expensive for sure but in return  you will guarantee to get perfect results  and highly qualified services.

There are many  factors that would  affect the cost of hair  transplant operation most only  where you are getting it done, it is about  the used technology as well, since there are many  techniques for implantation fees will be variable in a range  up and down based on the advantages, results and the more developed  and enhanced technique.

The  older the technology  becomes the cheaper price  it has, the newer and proven  results technologies have more expensive  rates, like for example FUE is on of the  old technique that is still used and considered  as one of the best methods of hair implantation  but comparing to the newer one DHI – Choi Pen technique it  is considered as a cheap method since that DHI – Choi Pen  has more enhanced and developed criteria that made it more popular  and recommended but that comes with higher cost.

And  since  it became  more requested  by women and men  as well for it is an advantage  of making the hair transplant without  shaving the hair it gained this good reputation  and led it to be on top of most requested technologies  for hair transplantation with a very reasonable and afforded  prices.

Another  factor that  will judge the matter  of cost for fair transplant is the package  that will be provided, as it is known that one  of the very nice points of having hair transplant  in Turkey and mostly Istanbul is that majority of clinics will  provide an all inclusive packages with hotel accommodations so the patient could enjoy  their medical journey to this fabulous city, so when hotels are not included the fees  of hair transplant operation will be cheaper, but with nice deals you can get a very competitive  prices cheap and accepted with nice hotels in nice areas and views especially in Istanbul, also we need  to mention that in some period we have what we call it the high season of tourism that will for sure affect  the fees of the hotels and in return the operation cost as well, thus dates also would have affection of the operation  cost.

To  sum up talking  about hair transplant  cost is not going to be a very  simple and easy ward since it has many  aspects that will be ending up the deals, thus always we recommend  to you to reach us and contact us through our number so we can  evaluate your case know what is the best and most suitable technology (FUE  or DHI) for your situation to give the best results, setting the dates and  arranging the package and what includes so we can lead you to the most competitive  and acceptable fees for your hair transplant operation .


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