Hair Loss

Alopecia areata

Hair Loss

HAIR LOSS …. Also called alopecia

Everyone loses hair. It is ordinary to lose around 50-100 hairs every day.If you see bald patches or lots of thinning, you might encounter male pattern baldness.  There are numerous reasons for balding. Ladies may see male pattern baldness after giving birth. Individuals under a great deal of pressure can see noticeable male pattern baldness. A few diseases and restorative medications can cause male pattern baldness.

The most well-known reason for male pattern baldness is an ailment called inherited male pattern baldness. Around 77 %  people in the world have this sort of male pattern baldness. Different names for this kind of male pattern baldness are:

Male-pattern baldness.

Female-pattern baldness.

Androgenetic alopecia.

Type  of hair  loss :

Alopecia areata: This disease can cause total male pattern baldness in otherwise healthy people.

Hereditary hair loss: In ladies, inherited male pattern baldness causes thinning that starts in the center  of the scalp.

Traction alopecia: Hairstyles that always pull on the scalp cause this sort of male pattern baldness (receding hair line).

Alopecia areata: A few people loss their eyelashes. Balding can happen anyplace on the body, this sickness frequently makes the hair drop out in round patches.

Trichotillomania: This psychological condition makes individuals pull on their hair until it comes out.

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