Endoscopic Botox İnjection


Endoscopic Botox İnjection

Scientists have approved the positive effects of weight loss as a result of various trials, has been introduced in our hospital.

Endoscopic Botox İnjection

Stomach Botox has been utilized for 10-15 years is a stoutness treatment technique is connected endoscopically and which plans to incidentally kill the nerves and muscles which impact the stomach’s craving and appetite. After this method which endures 15-20 minutes by and large, craving is brought down at the nerves and muscles in charge of the stomach’s hunger and appetite are killed, moderates absorption and keeps the patient inclination more full for more, along these lines needs to eat less and accordingly gets in shape as the stomach’s muscles lose their capacity to contract.

Stomach sensory system killed with Botox Carbohydrates typically takes 2-4 hours to be handled by the stomach and which increments to 12 hours after the Stomach Botox method. Stomach Botox is very successful in lessening an individual’s craving and protracting the feeling of totality as it is likewise connected in the regions where the stomach’s appetite hormones are discharged. The stomach Botox strategy guarantees that 40% of abundance weight is lost in 6-8 months and guarantee a perfect weight is achieved.

The stomach must be evaluated before the technique. With stomach botox application, stomach nerves and muscles are neutralized for a half year. Consequently, hunger diminishes and supplements remain longer in the stomach. We play out the gastric Botox task in a situation that is painless  and has an abnormal state of solace inside 15-20 minutes by and large. Since stomach Botox is connected endoscopic, there is no requirement for any arrangements required by the activities. Following the application, public activity can be reestablished.

Visitors are first calmed to limit any uneasiness before the endoscopic tube which has a camera on its tip is gone through the mouth to the stomach. After the pipe achieves the stomach and pictures it, Botox injections are given to the arranged areas. The patient is woken and discharged 1-2 hours after the procedure which keeps going 15-20 minutes all things considered.

A vital detail that you should think about Botox is the measure of botox material utilized. In excess of multiple times more Botox fixings are utilized in this procedure than skin revival. Along these lines, this portion ought not be constrained to the technique to be powerful. Stomach Botox cost ought to be considered inside this data. As far as being modest, measurement confinements influence the accomplishment of the strategy adversely.

Technical a side-effect technique that can be applied to anyone. In any case, in Botox allergy patients, gastric ulcer, gastritis, intestinal ulcer patients are not prescribed to apply and as a matter of first importance, this issue should be recuperated. Thus, the stomach must be assessed before the task with gastroscopy. After the task, not all the time, queasiness, swelling protests can be. The initial half a year of the procedure after Botox ought to be assessed well.

Botox influence can be seen roughly a half year. In the following procedure, Botox is continued relying upon the patient’s general condition. For instance, it is feasible for a patient of 75 to 80 kg to lose 10 to 15 kg in this period, which implies that he achieved his optimal load toward the finish of a half year. On the off chance that the medical issues are improved, Botox isn’t required to be invigorated, yet the eating routine and sports program is approached to proceed. Following a half year of the procedure if more weight reduction is required Botox can be rehashed.


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